Wellington, New Zealand – 15 March 2021

We know emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. Our communities are often hit hard by the consequences – people are impacted, perhaps homes, schools or workplaces are damaged, access and transportation disrupted, communities and networks displaced. Regardless of what caused the emergency, whether floods, landslides, fires, or our most recent experience of large earthquakes and the tsunami that can be generated, we know our communities are impacted. 

Through our 100 years of experience responding to emergencies in New Zealand, New Zealand Red Cross has been there to support our communities.

New Zealand Red Cross works alongside the emergency services and Civil Defence Emergency Management to deploy disaster response volunteers to support with evacuations, provide first aid or emotional support to affected communities and set up temporary welfare centres. Our Restoring Family Links service is one of the few ways people overseas can  connect with their missing loved ones. We have resources such as water storage and supplies that we use here at home and in overseas emergencies that can assist with immediate support where and when required.

New Zealand Red Cross’ Secretary General, Sarah Stuart-Black, says:

“One of our core principles is to provide humanitarian assistance to prevent and alleviate human suffering.  The role we perform during response and recovery is driven by this principle. That is why Red Cross Appeal 2021 is so important. Our street collection week (15-21 March) is one of New Zealand Red Cross’ key opportunities to raise vital funds so that we are ready for whatever is around the corner.”

“The frequency of emergencies we have experienced in recent years is likely to continue. New Zealand Red Cross is committed to being there and supporting our communities whenever it’s needed. Donations to Red Cross Appeal 2021 will go to where the need is greatest.”

Please donate today – it will enable us to help people who need it the most.


For interviews, more information or a story about Red Cross’ work in your region please contact Mary Baines, New Zealand Red Cross Communications Manager, +64 27 262 3922 or mary.baines@redcross.org.nz