June started volunteering in the store about a year and a half ago. Recently retired, she wanted to give back to the community but she wasn’t sure how to help.

That all changed when she rediscovered her dad’s old papers.

Her father, Steve Hunt, was a prisoner of war in Germany during World War II. When he passed away, June read over the messages he sent home during the war.

“In the postcards he wrote ‘Red Cross came today, everyone’s excited’,” she explains. “So I came and asked Red Cross if they needed volunteers. I wanted to give back for all the help they had given my Dad.”

So far, June has enjoyed working in the shop. She’s usually in two days a week and is impressed by the quality of items donated to the store.

“You never know what’s going to come out of the bottom of the bag. I absolutely love it.”

It’s a sentiment shared by fellow volunteer Alison Muir. Alison, who has volunteered in the shop for eight years, used to run an antique and vintage clothing store. She has a keen eye for fashion, but that’s not what keeps her coming back.

For Alison, the best part about volunteering is meeting the people who visit the shop and hearing their stories.

She mentions one memorable customer, a woman wearing an elaborately embroidered coat. When the two began chatting, Alison found out how much the coat meant.

“The jacket was her life story. Every flower, every button, every zip represented something.”

Join the team

If you’d like to meet new people, learn new skills and give back to the community, volunteer at your local Red Cross Shop.