New Zealand Red Cross Secretary General Tony Paine says Red Cross is about mobilising humanitarians to improve the lives of vulnerable people and to build strong communities in Aotearoa and around the world.

“Humanitarians are not just overseas aid workers, they are also our neighbours, the people down the street and across the road. It is our neighbours who are first on the scene after emergencies, big or small.” Community Partnerships Manager Maureen Glassey says it’s very exciting to welcome an organisation as widely respected and recognised as New Zealand Red Cross onto the site.

“They’ve been a mainstay of New Zealand communities for over a century and their community work, both locally and internationally is immeasurable,” she says. “There are many families in New Zealand who can attribute their resilience to Red Cross.

“This will mean neighbours can connect and share their skills, knowledge and compassion in any event, from a neighbour offering a plaster for a grazed knee, sharing boiling water in a power outage or the survival during and response to a national disaster. Together Red Cross and can help build truly resilient communities.”

Neighbourly is the free and private website for New Zealanders, where neighbours can talk, share advice, discuss local issues and get to know one another.

Heidi Quinn has been an active member of for several months and says the platform is a great way to connect with people and organisation in her local community.

“Last week I organised a gathering through the site and met neighbours of mine who I most likely wouldn’t have met otherwise. The more people that get on board the better!”

By creating more real-world connections between neighbours and their community organisations, aims to build stronger, safer and friendlier places to call home. has over 100,000 members across 1,600 New Zealand neighbourhoods. The site fosters interaction and conversation between neighbours and community organisations by creating an easy way for them to talk and share online through free and private websites for their suburbs.