Change challenge

As a team adopt one new habit to reduce your team’s use of plastic. 

Some ideas are:

  • Identify all the plastic items used in your work and try to find at least one non-plastic alternative.
  • Start a ‘library’ in your office kitchen for reusable lunch boxes, coffee cups, shopping bags
  • Set up a recycling system in your office, service centre or shop so that any plastic you use is given a second life.

Here are some more ideas and stories about what other people have done to reduce their plastic use.


Plastic-free promotion

Get your team together and come up with at least one plastic-free promotion activity.

Some promotion ideas are:

  • Make a display of ways people can reduce their use of plastic (in your office, a local library or community centre). Here are some posters you could use.
  • Show a video about plastic (how to reduce use and why it’s a problem) at a branch, group or team meeting. Here are some videos you could use.
  • Organise a plastic-free event (lunch, morning or afternoon tea) to share local plastic-free tips and encourage reduced use

Graphic genius competition

Take a photo or make a video to promote reduced use of plastic.


Top tip

As an individual send us your best new tip about how to reduce use of plastic.


Personal challenge

Take the Pesky Plastic Quiz - find out about your own plastic usage and get some ideas about how you could reduce use. 

This is not a competition so there’s no entry form.

Take the quiz