Of the 16 million people affected by the typhoon, farmer and mother of 14, Rosita and her family were left with no clean water.

"My grandson got diarrhoea, we couldn't change our clothes for days, we even had to clean our wounds with dirty water."

Red Cross has now fixed the water system in her village, while Rosita's husband was one of the many fisherman to receive a Red Cross cash grant to get his boat back on the water.

"With our faucet and sand filter repaired, things are getting better," says Rosita. "And my husband just bought a new battery for the fishing boat!"

The Movement has distributed over 17 million litres of clean water to affected communities, has serviced 65 water networks and 9 municipalities have been fully repaired.

The incomes of more than 75,000 households have received a significant boost from unconditional emergency cash grants distributed by the moment.

While survivors have shown remarkable resilience, millions will remain in a precarious situation and will need long term assistance to support their recovery.

The Philippine Red Cross has developed a recovery plan to assist 155,000 affected families over the next three years. The plan will focus on reconstruction of homes, improvements to water supply, sanitation and health services; restoration of lost livelihoods and incomes; as well as disaster risk reduction programmes and development of the Philippine Red Cross’ capacity and structures.