Helping in Canterbury

We were there at the beginning and we'll stay through to the end

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We are committed to standing by the people of Canterbury as we recover from one of the worst disasters New Zealand has experienced.

Recovery is a marathon not a sprint. We will continue to do more and reach further to support Cantabrians on this journey.

How to get more help

The recovery process can be difficult, but it also offers the possibility of uplifting people and bringing out the best in all of us.

Our outreach volunteers are present at a number of community hubs to provide a listening ear or information about Red Cross programmes and services. For details, contact our recovery team on 0800 468 873.

A book for leaders in disaster recovery

New Zealand Red Cross has launched Leading in Disaster Recovery: Companion through the Chaos, a book for leaders working in disaster recovery.

Red Cross Strategy and Government Relations Manager, Elizabeth McNaughton, who co-authored the book says its motivation came from working during the Canterbury earthquakes.

“We realised nothing existed about leading while recovering from a disaster. Manuals for recovery programming and leadership in general abound. But leading in disaster recovery is a different experience – it is relentless, workloads are enormous, exhaustion sets in, you are making decisions constantly between competing priorities all while trying to imagine the future in a rapidly changing environment – and this continues for years.”

New Zealand Red Cross and a researcher from Stanford University interviewed more than 100 people from New Zealand and around the world. Leaders they spoke to had worked during the Haiti earthquake, Japanese Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Australian bushfires.

The Companion shares their hard-won wisdom, practical strategies and tools for people who find themselves in any sort of leadership role during a disaster. Many, like those who contributed, will not identify as leaders – yet they undoubtedly are. Leadership takes many shapes.

The insights shared are honest, personal and brave and have resulted in a companion to serve and support others. Download the book today.

Dr Rob Gordon's six tips for coping the with ongoing effects of disaster:

Our response and recovery work

  • The September 2010 and February 2011 Earthquake Appeals totalled over $128 million in donations - the largest New Zealand Red Cross Appeal since the Second World War.
  • 100% of every dollar donated has been put towards our response and recovery in Christchurch.
  • $92 million distributed in grants
  • 112,029 grants recipients
  • 4,366 outreach contacts
  • 5,674 door knocks
  • 43,454 torch radios distributed
  • 12,750 winter warmer packs distributed
  • Three support groups for those who have lost loved ones in the earthquakes.

2011 Christchurch Earthquake Appeal 

The New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Christchurch Earthquake Appeal is now closed.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to those people who donated so generously to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeals.

Become an outreach volunteer

Outreach volunteers help support people in greater Christchurch who have been affected by the earthquakes.

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