Strategy 2030

Over an 18 month period New Zealand Red Cross undertook an extensive consultation activity with members, staff and key stakeholders to consider the unique future contribution that New Zealand Red Cross will make to communities across Aotearoa and further afield.

This consultation has resulting in the creation of Strategy 2030 – an organisation wide strategy that provides clear direction for the next 10 year period (2020 -2030).

In October 2019, the National Board approved this strategy, and in November 2019 the New Zealand Red Cross National Council provided a final approval.

The future for New Zealand Red Cross is bright, and we are excited about the contribution that we will collectively make to communities as we look to realise our mission of improving the lives of vulnerable people by mobilising the power of humanity and enhancing community resilience.

New Zealand Red Cross Strategy 2030. 

Strategy 2030 on a page - an overview of the Strategy.

Strategy 2030 launch: video 1

Strategy 2030 launch: video 2

Strategy 2030 launch: video 3