Corporate support

Effective business-charity partnerships are increasingly important in today's world, not only for the charity and business but for the people in our communities too. There are many opportunities to support us at any level.

Partnering with us

A corporate partnership with New Zealand Red Cross provides many benefits for your business and the communities in which we both operate. A partnership with New Zealand Red Cross is unique as we are one of the only charities to provide services both in New Zealand and abroad. While we respond to disasters and conflict, we also do so much more.

With our broad range of national and international programmes, a partnership with Red Cross will have many opportunities to align with your business strategies, creating shared value between Red Cross, your company, your staff and your customers, while also positively impacting lives across New Zealand and around the world.

  • New Zealand Red Cross is consistently rated as one of the most trusted charities in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand Red Cross is a long-established and highly respected organisation in New Zealand and internationally.
  • New Zealand Red Cross is highly recognised by your staff, customers and the community as a valuable organisation to support.

Partnering with Red Cross is not only good for the impact you’ll be making, it's good for your business as well. According to a Stillwater/ACNielsen Report:

  • 94% of New Zealanders believe it is a good idea for companies to support charities — with 85% thinking more highly of companies which show their support towards charities.
  • 72% of employees have a stronger sense of loyalty to their employer when the company gives back to the community. (Loyalty is a key component of staff retention.)
  • 73% of consumers said they would be prepared to change their preferred brand or service to a similar brand which showed its support towards a worthy cause.
  • 65% said that, even if prices were more expensive, they would be inclined to purchase products or services from a company which supports worthy causes.

Corporate donations

  • Making regular or one-off donations is a huge boost to the work that Red Cross does. Donations can be from a philanthropic or sponsorship budget the business has, a campaign to raise funds via your customers, through regular donations from payroll giving, or from a fundraising event your staff have conducted. Businesses also support our work throughdonating products or services that directly support Red Cross programmes.  If you are thinking of making a donation or would like some ideas on raising funds through your business, please touch base with our corporate partnerships team.

    These initiatives can be done throughout the year, or timed to coincide with Red Cross appeals, or when Red Cross launches a special appeal to respond to emergency disasters

Help during special appeals

During times of special need, such as an emergency, disaster or conflict, New Zealand Red Cross will launch an appeal to provide assistance to the vulnerable people affected.

We guarantee that 100% of all donations made to a New Zealand Red Cross special appeal are directed to respond to the disaster and support those affected. Unlike many other charities, New Zealand Red Cross absorbs all the costs associated with the administration and running of each special appeal.

Corporate partners play a huge role in raising funds for and creating awareness of our special appeals. To find out how you can help during special appeals please contact our corporate partnerships team.

Meet our partners

  • New Zealand Post Group – Major Supporter
  • Ryman Healthcare – Corporate Supporter 
  • Hurricanes – Community Supporter

Contact us

To find out more contact our Partnerships and Philanthropy Manager, Camille Astbury, on 027 364 9309 or email