One hundred and eight lucky people will be able to own a kusaki-zome handmade print from Tiffany Singh, simply by donating a household item to New Zealand Red Cross. The items will then be distributed to former refugees arriving in Dunedin.

The “Make a house a home project” is an exhibition hosted by the Dunedin Art Gallery and open to the public until the end of September. The project was initiated by the artist herself to help new Kiwis settling in Dunedin.

New Zealand Red Cross supports newly arrived former refugees across New Zealand, including Dunedin. The wide range of support includes setting up a house, which is what sparked Tiffany’s unique idea.

“The project has highlighted my belief that sharing an important issue, whether it be a social, historical or political, can bring about huge change through the persuasiveness of a shared voice.

“I greatly welcome the opportunity to partner with the Red Cross and use the vehicle of arts to aid this huge transition [for new Kiwis], creating a welcome space to help educate the local community, and to extend the welcoming hand to those who are fortunate to resettle in Dunedin," explains Tiffany.

We warmly welcome this initiative and encourage the people of Dunedin to visit the exhibition, and to support new Kiwis by donating an item.

How the exchange works

From new bedding, toasters, kettles, electric frying pans and car seats, there are a wide range of items which will be accepted during the exchange. See the full list here.

Four different exchanges will take place between 10am to 12pm on the following days:

  • Thursday 20 June
  • Saturday 27 July
  • Thursday 22 August
  • Saturday 28 September

Exchangers are welcome to leave a message with their items. At the end of the exhibition, New Zealand Red Cross volunteers and staff will divide the donations among newly arrived families and individuals.

For more information about the project, the prints and the items new Kiwis need on arrival, visit the Dunedin Art Gallery’s website.

Tiffany Singh, Make A House A Home Project (detail), 2019, indigo, turmeric, rose, saffron, salts, pansy and earth on paper. Courtesy of the artist. Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2019

Get involved

Besides exchanging a house item through the “Make a house a home project”, there are lots of ways people can support newly arrived former refugees in New Zealand: