Our skilled disaster response teams are available to support your event - whether it be a school fair, music festival or sporting event.  Every one of our team members is training in Comprehensive First Aid to ensure that your event participants are well looked after.

Once you’ve carried out your comprehensive risk assessment to identify and manage any potential risks and plan appropriate levels of support, you can contact us to find out whether our team in your region is available.

Please note: event organisers must also be fully aware of their obligations under current health and safety legislation. New Zealand Red Cross does not provide medical transport, and as such there must be an ambulance on site for high-risk events.

Contact your local service centre to find out how your local disaster response team can help, or email response.administrator@redcross.org.nz.

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Helping in a disaster

When disaster strikes in New Zealand we're ready to go. We provide assistance and support where required, to help communities around the country. Find out more about our disaster response teams, what they do and how you can get involved, here