The first Jump! for Red Cross event took place in 2020 in Auckland and Queenstown, followed by Tauranga. This year we are now jumping in locations all over the country! Find out where you can Jump! for a good cause here.

The jumpers raise a minimum of $899 through a dedicated fundraising page to participate in the tandem skydiving event. 

Last year, each jumper rallied their friends and whānau for support, whether it was creating a raffle, or committing to wearing a pink tutu when jumping out of the plane, our jumpers were very creative in their fundraising tactics.

The funds each jumper has raised will help New Zealand Red Cross continue our work in supporting and providing hope to the most vulnerable in our communities. In 2020, an amazing 111 fundraisers collectively raised an incredible $40,942 - a huge thank you to all of them!

We need you!

We are looking for more jumpers, make 2021 the year that you tick skydiving off your bucket list, and Jump!

- Fundraise a minimum of $899 and Jump! for free

- Raise over $1,200 and you’ll get the photo and video package too!

- Don’t worry if fundraising feels like a bigger leap than jumping – we’re here with tips and ideas, to help you make the skies the limit.

- If you’re a real adrenaline-lover, why not double-down on the excitement?

- Raise $1500 and you can also take on the challenge of a bungy jump!

We want to introduce some of our jumpers who were brave enough to step up and willingly throw themselves out of a plane (up to 20,000 feet above the ground).

We asked them, before they jumped!, why they signed up for such a crazy thing, a fun fact about themselves and to tell us their famous last words (don’t worry, each skydive is incredibly safe)!

Here is what they had to say.

Meet the Jumpers!

Name: Kyron Gosse & Natalia Kurilyak

Skydive location:  TBC we are Auckland based, but hoping to make it a weekend away.

Occupation: Entrepreneurs

Fun fact: Kyron & Natalia live in a Tiny House in Auckland which they share with their cute little kitten Penny

Reason for jumping: As adrenaline junkies who love serving our community as well this is the perfect combination. We love the work that Red Cross do and the fact we can support them by being thrown out of a plane is a dream come true.

Famous last words:  You packed the parachute right?

Fundraising goal: We want to do the skydive and the bungy, so our fundraising goal is $3000

Name: Robyn Kay Du Preez

Skydive location: Auckland

Occupation: Artist/ Student

Fun fact: I’m afraid of heights and flying! (So, this is going to be very entertaining.)

Reason for jumping:  I feel as if I’ve lived a very fortunate life and I want to give back to the community.

Famous last words: Climate change is real!

Fundraising goal: $500 is my immediate goal and then my wishful thinking goal is $1000

Name: Francesca Hosking

Skydive location: Auckland, Tauranga and Queenstown!

Occupation: Professional Speaker. I talk about and show people how life's lessons teach and equip us with the tools and skills we need to live a fulfilling life both personally and professionally. 

Fun Fact: I wouldn't make a very good comedian because I always start giggling before getting to the punch line!

Reason for jumping: I believe by pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and living my fullest potential, I can help inspire others to do the same.

Famous last words: Never say never.

Fundraising goal: $5000

Name: Robert Michael Ballinger-Judd

Skydive Location: Tauranga

Occupation: Banking Specialist

Fun Fact: I was crowned #1 Noodle Eating Champion in Wellington and 3rd overall in New Zealand back in 2009. I consumed 1.25 kilograms in eight minutes.

Reason for jumping: It's part of my effort to give back to the community as well as one of my top to-do's before I kick the bucket. (That and hang out with a raccoon/raccoons.)

Famous last words: Tell my family I love them...and clear my internet browser history.

Fundraising goal: $1000+

Name: Monica Bearsley

Skydive location: Tauranga

Occupation: Community Activator - Waikato (New Zealand Red Cross)

Fun Fact: I am privileged to be the current team leader for the Hamilton Disaster Welfare and Support team (DWST).

Reason for jumping: To support an organisation that has supported me to reach my full potential... and some of my team members signed me up!

Famous last words: Facing the fear and doing it anyways!

Fundraising goal: $1000

Name: Brooklyn

Skydive location: Tauranga

Occupation: SPACE Representative

Fun Fact: I strongly dislike heights.

Reason for Jumping: To help support the Red Cross in continuing to work in the vulnerable areas of our communities.

Famous last words: I’m sorry mum.

Fundraising Goal: $750

Name: Mark Eagle

Skydive location: Tauranga

Occupation: Breakfast Host on ‘The Breeze Tauranga’

Fun Fact: Have been bitten by a lion and lived to tell the tale...

Reason for jumping: I recently learned about the many diverse services New Zealand Red Cross offer, from Meals on Wheels, to first aid courses, disaster and emergency relief, the curtain bank and so much more. Any help I can give to help them continue their great work will go to a great cause.

Famous last words: Are you sure this is sssaaaaaaaaaaaafffffeeeeeee?

Fundraising goal: $1000, but anything on top of $500 will be great!

Name: Théa James

Skydive location: Tauranga

Occupation: Agricultural Sales - Nutrient Specialist

Fun Fact: As part of my fundraising, I’ll be donating 25cm of hair to be made into a wig - the last time this mop was cut for length was 15 years ago!

Reason for jumping:  New Zealand Red Cross does so much within our wider community. The portion I’m personally close to, as a volunteer, is the Disaster Welfare and Support Team (DWST). For me, this is an exciting opportunity to give back to a worthy cause!

Famous last words: “There is more to life than increasing it’s speed” - Mahatma Gandhi

Fundraising goal: $1,000… getting there!

Want to support our Jumpers?

Jumping out of a plane not your thing? That’s ok. You can still support the work we do here at New Zealand Red Cross by donating or hosting your own fundraising event.

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