What is all the fuss about Buzz?

Water? Check. Food for three days? Tick. Charged batteries for the torch? Done. Had a chat to the neighbours?

Knowing your neighbours and being socially connected is just as important as having an up-to-date emergency kit with food, water and emergency supplies, New Zealand Red Cross Recovery Manager Michael Donoghue says.

“Those around you are more likely to provide practical help or a listening ear during, and immediately after, an emergency. And then it helps if you already know each other.”

So have a chat with the neighbour while emptying the letterbox, say ‘hi’ over the fence, bring in their wheelie bins or invite them over for a cuppa. 

“From research we know that communities where people are better connected socially, are more resilient and recover more quickly from an event,” Michael continues. 

Red Cross is funding a number of Christchurch projects designed to help establish, build and strengthen those connections through our ‘Here For Good’ campaign.

A barbecue trailer and coffee cart named 'Buzz' are touring Christchurch suburbs, inviting neighbours to come together for sausages and barista-made coffees.

So keep an eye out for the coffee cart in your street and enjoy that cuppa.