Find useful guidance and tools to support you in your volunteer role.

Information for everyone

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to all our staff and volunteers. It is based on the seven fundamental principles of the Red Cross Red Crescent movement.

Read the Code of Conduct

Members' Handbook

The Members handbook is a detailed document which has everything you need to know about how the New Zealand Red Cross is run. It covers a whole range of procedures including voting in Red Cross elections and managing fundraising and branch finances. It has useful information for anyone who has a role in an Area Council, Branch or Group. 

Read the Members' Handbook

Read more about membership 

Induction booklet

We run an induction and training programme for new volunteers. 

Read more about induction and training

Read the induction booklet

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, members and volunteers lies at the heart of everything we do.

Read our Statement of Commitment

Read the zero harm workplaces pledge

Read the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Framework (April 2022)

Safe driving guidelines

All members who drive as part of their volunteer role need to be aware of driving safety.

Safe driving guidelines

Reporting accidents and incidents

All members and employees must report accidents and incidents via our online system called 'GOSH'  You do not need a login or account to access GOSH. For help or advice on health and safety contact

Report and accident or incident on GOSH

Abusive behaviour

Unfortunately, from time to time our volunteers may deal with someone who is being abusive or threatening. New Zealand Red Cross does not condone or tolerate abusive behaviour in any circumstances.

Read our policy on abusive behaviour

Read the guidance on how to deal with abusive behaviour

Red Cross Brand Standards

There are rules about how we can use the Red Cross emblem and brand. If you are making posters or anything else that has our brand you must follow the brand standards. For help or advice contact

Read the Brand Standards

Media and social media

We encourage all our members and volunteers to follow and share New Zealand Red Cross social media channels. 

Read our social media policy

If you have stories to share with the media contact 

Read our media policy

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Guidance and tools for your volunteer role

We offer a wide range of different types of volunteering opportunities. Some volunteering roles require training or have operational guidance tailored for the role.

We are working on this section of the website. Over time plan to include all the guidance our volunteers need on the website. In the meantime, you will receive the guidance documents or operational documents you need by email. 

Guidance is available on the website now for these roles: 

Guidance for these volunteer roles will be available on this website later in 2022: 

  • refugee support volunteer 
  • volunteer meals on wheels driver, and
  • volunteer retail assistant (Red Cross shops).

Access to Red Cross systems

Some members and volunteers need access to our systems for their role.  

The intranet

Most information for members and volunteers is available on this website. Red Cross does have an intranet, which is a new platform available to elected role-holders and employees. Role-holders include National Board members and councillors from each area council.

Log in to the intranet

To get help with passwords, multi factor authentication or access to the intranet contact the IT service desk on 04 494 9111.

Aspire Learning 

Some specific training is needed for members and volunteers. If you need to complete online training, this can be done through Aspire.

Log in to Aspire

For help with access to Aspire contact

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International mobile app 'V-Community'

The International Red Cross Federation manages a mobile app for all Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers around the world.

The V–Community app enables volunteers to connect in their own language with other volunteers from across the globe, to request or offer support via chat, share experiences, stories and messages with fellow volunteers.

The app can translate content into 106 languages