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Akoranga āwhina tuatahi me ngā mōhiohio

First Aid For Young Children

Designed for those providing home based education and care services it is also perfect for parents, grandparents, babysitters and anyone who may be required to provide first aid for children and infants.

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  • $65
  • 4 hours
  • Unit standards: 25459

Electrical Workers CPR/ BFA

A 2 hour course as required under the Electricity Regulations covered by the Rules of the Board as per the amended electricity act 1st April 2010. On successful completion an Electrical Workers certificate is issued.

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  • $45
  • 2 hours


Be a life saver! This course will teach you how to provide resuscitation, CPR & Choking for Adult. Child and infant.

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  • $65
  • 4 hours
  • Unit standards: 06402

Lone Workers - First Aid Revalidation

Developed in conjunction with OSPRI. This course is intended for people who work in a rural environment and often alone in medium to high risk roles. This may include, but is not limited to Farmers, DOC staff, Rangers & Rural Pest Control, and is recommended by TBFree NZ Ltd.

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  • $150
  • 8 hours (1 day)

Pre Hospital Emergency Care

Designed for people who are frequently called on to provide first aid services to members of the public, as well as those, who live or work in remote locations, or work in risky occupations. Pre-requisite: valid comprehensive first aid certificate.

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  • $495
  • 24 hours (3 days)
  • Unit standards: 25412, 25411, 14473

Pre Hospital Emergency Care Revalidation

Ensure your pre-hospital emergency care skills are up to date and relevant. We recommend you revalidate your full-course learning every two years.

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  • $255
  • 16 hours (2 days)

Comprehensive First Aid - PLUS - 4 hour

This course is designed for those who have already completed a comprehensive first aid course (must be current ) and wish to gain futher knowledge and skills.

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  • $80
  • 4 hours
  • Unit standards: 25411

Blended first aid courses offer a mix of online learning and face to face training at a Red Cross centre. Blended courses give the choice and flexibility as to when and where to complete your training. Trial one of our online learning courses.

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Red Cross offers a range of courses which can be tailored to meet your needs, such as first aid for new mothers, sports first aid, or first aid for forestry groups.

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