Contactless shopping

Shop with us online

You can now shop with us online. Red Cross Shops have set up official TradeMe stores where you can browse through heaps of fabulous pre-loved items available in their store, including fabulous winter clothing, homewares and furniture, that you can choose from to be delivered straight to your doorstep via contactless delivery.

Here are the links to our official TradeMe stores:

Personal contactless shopping

In most areas, you can now phone or email your local Red Cross Shop for personal contactless shopping and have the items you want from the store either delivered to your doorstep or prepared for contactless pick-up in front of our store.

Call the Red Cross Shop nearest you now to check if this personal contactless shopping service is available in their store.

You can find the contact details of all our Red Cross Shops in here.


If you would like to donate items, please contact your local Red Cross Shop to make appropriate drop-off or pick-up arrangements. During Alert Level 2, each shop may have varying products they can or cannot accept, so please call us first.

You can find the contact details of the Red Cross Shop nearest you here.