Together We Make a Nation follows four women of refugee backgrounds living in Aotearoa.

The stories of Ola from Poland, Neary from Cambodia, Yibeth from Cambodia, and Dalal from Syria tell us about life in their former countries and their resettlement journey.

"Our message is that former refugee women are so resilient and strong," says Sandra Clark of Rabid Technologies, who partnered with Steve La Hood of Story Inc to make the documentary.

"They are brave and resourceful and have so much to offer our communities.” 

New Zealand Red Cross is a major partner on this project. 

“With the global refugee crisis making headlines there has been a lot of interest in stories of people who came to New Zealand through the refugee program" says Hanna Butler, New Zealand Red Cross Communications Manager. 

"Together We Make a Nation captures four of these incredible stories, provides detailed information on the refugee crisis around the world and introduces us to the amazing people who work in the resettlement sector in Aotearoa.”

The stories for Together We Make a Nation are free to access via the website which also includes community pages that former refugees and support organisations can contribute to. 

“We wanted to create a central hub of resources and an online community where all these organisations could come together and share their news and information in one place,” says Sandra.

The interactive delivery of the documentary allows the viewer to watch a short story while being presented with other multimedia options that create an individual journey of discovery.

Together We Make A Nation can be viewed at and followed on Facebook at The website can be viewed on a tablet or mobile device but for the best interactive experience a desktop or laptop is recommended.