An introduction to Red Cross

New Zealand Red Cross is all about people.

  • People in need

    Hundreds of families seek refuge in New Zealand every year. Red Cross helps care for those whose lives have been forced to change as a result of natural disaster or conflict.

  • Extra-ordinary people

    Week in, week out, Gerry and Jan deliver hot meals to people in Howick, Auckland, many of whom are elderly and unable to prepare the meals they need.

  • People with guts

    Andrew Cameron is from Hawke’s Bay and works as a health aid worker in areas of conflict, including Sudan, Kenya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and South Ossetia.

  • People like you

    Grace volunteers for our awareness campaigns and helps collect during Red Cross street appeals in Wellington. It’s easy to give your time to help those in need.

Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilising the power of humanity and enhancing community resilience.

Helping New Zealand – Day in, day out

New Zealand Red Cross is many things to many people – a hot meal, a safe drive to hospital or knowledge that our aid workers are helping overseas in true Kiwi style.

All services and education

Stories from ‘round here

Running for refugees

Will’s parents ran from their home in Vietnam to seek safety and refuge. Today, he runs to honour their journey and raise money for refugees.

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Red Cross Nurse Shares Experiences of Aid Work in Disaster Zones

From war-torn communities in Afghanistan to Ebola hospitals in Sierra Leone, New Zealand Red Cross nurse Andrew Cameron has spent a career working in some of the worst disaster and conflict zones. He will share stories from his work in the world’s most critical humanitarian crises, when he embarks on a four date speaking tour this month.

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Red Cross welcomes UN global goals for sustainable development

New Zealand Red Cross welcomes the adoption of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, stating the goals will support all countries, including New Zealand, in guiding their humanitarian and development efforts, both at home and overseas.

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Helping around the world

Last year we sent 69 aid workers overseas, to over 20 countries, supporting 108 missions. We help communities affected by emergencies and conflicts all over the world. As we often say, disasters don’t discriminate – neither do we. More about our programmes

Stories from around the world

Red Cross prepares for increased cyclone risk in Pacific

Red Cross is preparing to respond to more tropical cyclones this season, as the effects of a severe El Niño event are felt across the Pacific. More than 4.7 million people in the Pacific could be affected by drought caused by El Niño.

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Small things that mean survival

In a dark room at the top of three flights of crumbling, water-logged stairs, Ameena sits with her two sons who both have severe disabilities.

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Red Cross in Yemen - first to arrive, last to leave

New Zealand Red Cross aid workers don’t just respond to disasters, they are also working in conflict situations, providing healthcare and working to strengthen communities.

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Helping in the face of tragedy

We have seen the forces of nature bend and break our environment, but through this adversity we have witnessed the power of humanity. Our volunteers, members and staff are making a real difference every day. It’s what we do, it’s human nature.

  • Whanganui Floods

    20 volunteers rushed to assist in initial response

    Door knocking at homes in affected area and welfare centre support

  • Drought in the Marshall Islands

    Four emergency response aid workers deployed with reverse osmosis desalination units to help make fresh water

    Early recovery aid workers helping drought affected communities by making use of rainwater harvesting systems

  • Conflict in Syria

    Emergency appeal opened to help support work of Syrian Arab Red Crescent

    Health aid worker based in Beirut, Lebanon

Christchurch Earthquake

When disaster struck the garden city, New Zealand Red Cross were among the first to respond. We operated search and rescue, treated the wounded and provided clothing, cash and support to the people of Christchurch. See how we’re helping in Canterbury

  • Clean water distributed to 10,000 people

  • 12,750 Winter Warmer packs delivered

  • Donated to the cause

  • Over 100,000 grant recipients

Help us help those in need

Whether you have ten minutes, ten months or ten grand, you can help us out. You can volunteer in a shop, learn to save a life, get to know people in your community or take part in a fundraising event.

Donate, so we can keep doing all this