Other community programmes

Red Cross provides a helping hand in so many ways around New Zealand. Our volunteers, branch members and staff work together to provide everything from warm curtains to hospital support in their local community.

Blood service support

We support New Zealand Blood Service by providing cups of tea and support for donors after they've given blood during New Zealand Blood Service drives.

Community catering

Our community catering service delivers food to those who aren't able to make healthy meals for themselves. Our volunteers make yummy baking and cooking in Hamilton, Central Hawke's Bay and Wellington.

Knitter Knatter

Our knitting groups meet regularly to craft sweaters, hats, blankets, scarves and other treasures to deliver to people in need, from premature babies in the neonatal ward to newly arrived refugee families. We have groups in almost every corner of the country, from Kerikeri in the north to Invercargill down south. Want to join? Volunteer for our knitting groups.

Want to volunteer for a community programme?

See which of these programmes are available in your area and apply to volunteer