Hazard App

The Hazard App is a free mobile app that helps you identify hazards, reduce risks and stay informed when you need it most.

Why use the Hazard App?

A disaster can strike anytime, anywhere and affect anyone.  Being prepared helps to save lives and reduce risk.

The New Zealand Red Cross Hazard App 

  • Receives alerts when you have wifi, even if you don't have mobile phone coverage.
  • Helps you and your family prepare for emergencies with handy checklists.
  • Sends you alerts about earthquakes, tsunami, floods and other hazards in your area of New Zealand.
  • Uses trustworthy information generated by the National Emergency Management Agency and your local CDEM groups.
  • Allows you to monitor more than one location at once (for example, you could choose to monitor your home,  your child’s school and places where your friends and whanau live).
  • Has a handy torch, strobe light and audible alarm.
  • Has an “I am safe” function so that you can let friends and family know you are safe in an emergency when it is harder to communicate using other methods.

Read more about New Zealand Red Cross work in emergency preparedness.

QBE Insurance supports the Hazard App

QBE Insurance partners with Red Cross globally to enhance community resilience by preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters. 

In New Zealand, QBE is the primary supporter of the Hazard App, helping Red Cross promote and maintain the app and enabling New Zealanders to stay safe and informed in emergencies.  

Read more about our partnership with QBE Insurance.

Download the Hazard App

Step 1

Download the Hazard App in your app store.

iOS / Apple devices

  • Download the Hazard App in the App store for iOS devices
  • The Hazard App is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • It works on IOS version 14 and more recent versions
  • Read the set up instructions  for iOS devices

  • Setup instructions for iOS

Android devices

  • Setup instructions for Android Devices

Step 2

Go to Settings in your phone and agree to receive automatic updates from the Hazard App.  

Customize the Hazard App

Watch the 3 minute video about how to tailor the information to your location and your interests.

Which locations do you want to monitor?

Turn on your device's Location Services/GPS in 'Settings'.

Choose up to five locations in New Zealand.  Make your location your “primary location”.  You can also include places where your friends and family live or work as secondary locations.

Choose how wide you want the location monitoring to be.  For example, do you want to monitor Wellington City only?  Or the whole of the Wellington region.  

When you travel activate ‘Monitor current location’ function. This will use more battery.  

Which hazards do you want to monitor?  

Choose which hazards you want to monitor.  For example, you could choose to receive Earthquake warnings but not receive weather warnings.   

How much information do you want about each hazard?

You can choose how much information you receive about each hazard.  

For example, you can choose how much information to receive about the weather. If you only want to be notified when severe weather is “imminent” and don’t need to know when severe weather is just “possible” then turn off the notifications for  

  • severe thunderstorm watch 
  • high wind watch  
  • severe weather statement. 

This will stop approximately 80% of the alerts you receive via the app.  


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