Emergency preparedness

Take steps now to help reduce the effect of an emergency or disaster on you and your family.

Everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand should have an emergency plan, basic first aid skills and survival items (e.g. food, water and medication) to last a minimum of three days. Knowing your local evacuation arrangements is important during an emergency. The emergency preparedness guides below can help you get ready for an emergency.

Get ready at home, at school and at work. Download Civil Defence's guides and plans to ensure you are safe should disaster strike. 

Check your local risks and find out about specific hazards.

Good and Ready buddy

A Good and Ready Buddy is someone who you can count on to check on you if there has been an emergency! Or you can return the favour … a Good & Ready buddy is someone you will check up on if you know the area they live in might have had an emergency. This can be anything from a power outage, a flood, and earthquake or even if they are staying at home in lockdown. 

We know how powerful staying connected to others are during times of crisis or stress. A Good and Ready buddy helps to keep those connections alive, especially when it’s most needed. 

Some examples of  how to Connect, Care and Prepare with your Good and Ready buddy: 

  • Check up on them if you see that the area they live in has been affected by an emergency or natural disaster 
  • Complete your emergency household plan together with them – and hold each other accountable 
  • Pack your grab bags together – or remind them to keep the items within fresh every 6 months
  • Participate in the NZ ShakeOut earthquake drill together – in person or online! 

A Good and Ready buddy can be a neighbour, whānau member, friend, or work colleague.

Get ready at home

In an emergency you could be stuck at home for three days or more. Make a plan to work out what you will need to get your family through. 

Make a Plan (PDF)

Get ready at work

In an emergency you could be stuck at work, without transport home. Work through this personal workplace emergency plan to work out what you will do.

Workplace Emergency Plan (PDF)

Get ready at school

What’s the Plan Stan has been developed for schools to teach students about hazards and how to prepare for an emergency. 

Kia Pakari: Schools' Resilience Programme was designed by New Zealand Red Cross for educators to empower young people to build resilience in school communities across Aotearoa New Zealand. In the programme students explore resilience in their lives, school and communities. Visit the Kia Pakari web page for more information on the programme. Download the Kia Pakari Complete Resource Set.

For people with disabilities

If you, or a member of your household or community has a disability or any special requirement that may affect the ability to cope in a disaster, make arrangements now to get the support needed. 

Visit www.getthru.govt.nz.

Translated resources

Download the translated WREMO Earthquake Preparedness Guides or the translated earthquake and tsunami fact sheets.

Other useful links for migrant communities:

Be good and ready

New Zealand Red Cross encourages you to take these simple steps today to be good and ready for future disasters: connect, care, prepare. Find out how here.

Download our Hazard app to help you and your family prepare for and respond to hazards in New Zealand, like earthquakes, cyclones and more.

Thanks to QBE Insurance for supporting the Hazard app.