Additional resources about refugee resettlement

This is a list of useful resources relating to refugee resettlement. It includes links to other websites, a list of reports we have produced and further information about our Refugee Programmes Advisory Group.


New Zealand Red Cross reports about refugee resettlement

This report was produced by New Zealand Red Cross in 2021 to support the role of local authorities in the successful settlement of refugees. It provides background information, examples of good practice and recommendations to guide councils that are working to help settle refugees in their communities.

This report prepared by New Zealand Red Cross in May 2021 identifies current and emerging issues in key migrant population groups in New Zealand.


This report was published in 2013 by New Zealand Red Cross.  It was produced for all agencies providing health and wellbeing services to former refugees.


 This report was published in 2014 by New Zealand Red Cross.  It describes the resettlement experiences of refugee youth (aged between 12 and 24 years) in their first 12 months after arrival in New Zealand from the perspective of refugee youth, parents, New Zealand Red Cross Refugee Services staff and government and non-government organisations.


New Zealand Red Cross Refugee Programmes Advisory Group

NZ Government information

Resources for settled families

Interpreting support

Refugee sector organisations in New Zealand

International organisations

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