A sense of satisfaction – volunteering in Hornby

10 July 2023

On the corner of Amyes and Shands roads in Christchurch, there’s a cluster of op shops. Nestled amongst them is the newest and brightest addition, the Hornby Red Cross Shop. Previously located at Church Corner, the shop moved to its new home in May.

Red Cross Shops aren’t just places to buy fabulous second-hand goods, they’re little communities of good people doing good things. Many of the volunteers have been with the shop for years, such as Margaret, a 25-year volunteering veteran of the Red Cross. 

“To me, it’s a great sense of satisfaction that I can do something to help an organisation, which does a lot in the world, not just New Zealand. I like to be busy, so it’s good for me to get out and volunteer.” 

She started with Meals on Wheels before moving to blood service support. She’s been at the Hornby Red Cross Shop for several years – first at Church Corner and now at Amyes Road. “I’ve never belonged to a committee or anything, I’ve just always been in the background.” 

An all-rounder, Margaret loves being out the front but she’s also happy to get stuck in out the back sorting donated goods. Our shops are part of the circular economy, diverting more than two million items from landfill each year. 

Hornby Red Cross Shop 

Now retired, she has a background in retail, which comes through at the shop. “I like things very neat and tidy, I’m forever going around straightening hangers. To see a nice, tidy, clean shop is lovely.” 

Shop manager Sue McManus couldn’t agree more, “it’s much bigger than what we had at Church Corner and we all take a lot of pride in our shop.”

“Voluntary service is one of our Fundamental Principles and volunteers are the backbone of Red Cross here and overseas. Our Movement is powered by people like Margaret,” Sue said.

Everyone has a role to play in Red Cross, whether it’s delivering Meals on Wheels, responding to disasters, or sorting goods in our shops. Keeping the shop floor nice, tidy, and clean may seem like a small thing, but it’s an essential task that helps us provide affordable shopping and raise money to fund our work.

“Volunteers are essential to our shops. We simply wouldn’t be able to operate without generous people like Margaret who volunteer their time with us.”

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Red Cross Shop volunteer

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Lead photo: Margaret, volunteer at Hornby Red Cross Shop