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Role description

Our knitting groups craft treasures to that are delivered to people in need or sold to support our work.

Your tasks

Your volunteer role may include:

  • Knitting hats, blankets, and scarves. 
  • Delivering these items.
  • Selling items at markets.

Volunteer requirements and training

Volunteers need knitting skills or a desire to learn. Group schedules vary from location to location. 

Commitment required
Shift duration
2 hours
Shift time
Evening, Afternoon
Min age
All ages with a parent or guardian present
1 to 4 hours
ID verification
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“All the blankets we make go to former refugees that New Zealand Red Cross supports. We also knit little baby jackets and hats and booties that we give to hospitals, so midwives can give them to new mothers who might need them.”

Jaki George, knitting group volunteer