Pacific partner programme

Through our international development work, we support many Pacific Red Cross Societies before, during and after disasters strike. We train emergency response teams in first aid, communication, and disaster preparedness.

What we do

New Zealand Red Cross has a long history and strong relationship with Pacific people. We provide much needed help during a disaster response and critical recovery support to help communities get back on their feet.

Preparing for disasters in a disaster-prone region

The Pacific “Ring of Fire” region is one of the most disaster prone regions in the world with high exposure to earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, floods and droughts. Pacific Red Cross societies will be in a better position to respond when disaster strikes, if they're well-prepared. New Zealand Red Cross supports many of these Pacific Red Cross Societies, so they are well equipped, trained and funded to work with their communities in times of need.

First aid materials and instructors

New Zealand Red Cross international delegates provide first aid materials and train first aid instructors in 12 Pacific countries. Each year these instructors facilitate first aid training sessions for up to 10,000 people. These people will be the first responders in their communities when disaster strikes.

Sanitation and clean water

During a disaster, basic sanitation and clean water are essential. New Zealand Red Cross supports regional training activities, such as training in safe water and sanitation, health and disaster management. 

New Zealand Red Cross provided delegates and funding to support an emergency water and sanitation training programme in Samoa.

Pre-positioned relief items

In addition to emergency equipment held in New Zealand, we have pre-positioned relief items in depots across the Pacific. This allows for fast distribution following disasters and ensures critical items get to communities most in need, with minimal delay. These critical items could include shelter kits, water containers, blankets, kitchen sets and tarpaulins.

IT and telecommunications

Emergency communications following disasters are critical. Often when networks are unavailable or unreliable, we use Information Technology and Telecommunications expertise from New Zealand and across the region. We provide ongoing training and equipment for our partner Pacific Red Cross Societies. Often we are early responders setting up and adding to communications facilities, immediately after a disaster.

International delegates

We send highly trained delegates with relevant expertise to work alongside Pacific Red Cross teams. Our delegates provide support and help develop capacity prior to disasters.

Tonga Red Cross set up their disaster communications equipment, during a training programme with New Zealand Red Cross.

Supporting core activities in the Pacific

As part of the Pacific Partner Programme we provide organisational support to five Pacific Red Cross societies. We help with funding, technical know-how and training to support core administrative activities. These include finance, human resources and IT.

As part of the Partner Programme, New Zealand Red Cross supports Red Cross societies in our region to build resilient communities.